Nanotechnology (Masters)

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In this modern masters’ course you will receive the best possible preparation for a career in the forward-looking technological fields of nanotechnology, microsystems engineering and surface technology. In addition to specialist knowledge we also focus on teaching soft skills. In this way you will be well-equipped for future jobs in management and for interdisciplinary communication.

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
type of programme full-time programme or part-time programme, consecutive
semester start winter and summer semester
no. of semesters / ECTS-Credits 3 semesters / 90 ECTS or 6 semesters / 90 ECTS (part-time programme)
admission requirements  
  • Bachelor or German Diplom degree, with at least 210 credit points (ECTS) in physical engineering, microtechnology or other relevant degree, e.g. in the field of natural sciences or engineering.
  • Applicants who have achieved a degree with at least 180 ECTS points are able to take a preliminary semester to obtain the necessary 30 ECTS points, to bring them up to 210.
admission restriction no restricted entry
tuition fees no tuition fees
accreditation until 09/18